fan tan

Ancient Chinese gambling game for the village, popular in the latter half of 19th century. Tables to design a central box, the sides are labeled 1,2,3,4. Dealer opaque containers to take from a bunch of buttons in a certain number of buttons; players bet the container after the button with 4 In addition to the remainder of the number, and note the number under the box in the selected side. The dealer is open containers, with a small stick to remove four buttons each time, until the last remaining 4 or less than four so far. This is victory number; if the last remaining four buttons, those that charge 4 to win, more than on. Today, fan tan games are played has changed a lot, in addition to fan in addition to more than read, angle, Centre stand, three of the four games are played

Rule Details:
White represents 1
Green on behalf of 2
Yellow behalf of 3
Red 4
  • Fan:
    The meaning of this play is to buy the last remaining number is the number, such as buying a fan, if the last remaining number is 1, then hit the jackpot, or lose
  • Read:
    Read means left to buy a winning number, the other one is playing and the remaining number. Such as the idea to buy 4 3, then if the remaining number is 4, then the prize; if the remaining numbe is 3, then hit and not lose not win. If the remaining number is 1 or 2, then lose. Other 1 read 2 read 3 and so on, meaning the same, to win in front of the numbers indicate the number of read and play behind the numbers indicate the number of
  • Angle:
    The mean angle is to buy two numbers, one of the two numbers are winning.
  • Through:
    Communication means, is that an open input on that. For example, one pass, it means the final number if it is a left, then buy a pass to lose, but win or 2,3,4 and then. Such as 3,4-pass bet, if the last remaining number is 3 or 4, then the win; if the open is 2, then beat and. There are three ways a pass, 3,4 pass, pass 2,4, 2,3 a pass. Like other communication means
  • Three:
    Three means three number bet, if the result is out betting one of the three numbers, then the prize; other for output
Fan Bet 1 win 2.85
Bet read 1 win 1.9
Corner bet 1 win 0.95
Bet through 1 win 0.95,the amount of betting chips must be chosen twice
Bet three 1 win 0.95, the amount of betting chips must be selected three times